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Research & Articles by Patricia K. Armstrong

Browse the categories below for articles and information written and created by Pat. Click on the title to read the article (in PDF format)!

Teaching Tips: Getting People & Children Out Into Nature

Shoebox Laboratories (Science & Children, March 1967)

Workshop Ideas (Science & Children, February 1965)

Autumn in the East Woods (The Morton Arboretum Newsletter, Fall 1978)

Backpacking With Children (Summit, July/August 1965)

Trail Snacks (Wilderness Camping, January/February 1972)

A Taste of Wilderness (The Morton Arboretum Quarterly, Winter 1972)

I Loved A Frog Pond (The Morton Arboretum Quarterly, Summer 1975)

Exploring A Pond in Summer (The Morton Arboretum Quarterly, Summer 1975)

Sense of Wonder: Teaching Children (The Morton Arboretum Quarterly, Spring 1979)

Prairie & Natural Landscaping

Prairie Poetry: Visions of the Past (The Morton Arboretum Quarterly, Summer 1979)

What is a Weed, Really? (The Outside Story, September/October 1993)

Prairie Grasses Weave a Binding Spell (Wild Garden, Summer 1998)

A Night on the Prairie (Missouri Prairie Journal, December 1984)

Prairie Today (The Harbinger, October 1994)

Prairies Again in Favor (The Outside Story, July-August 1995)

Prairie Plants (Wild Ones Handbook)

Forest Cathedrals (Wild Ones Handbook)

Influence of Confluence: Wetter is Better (Wild Ones Handbook)

Critter Profiles: Animals Big & Small

Hines Emerald Dragonfly (Chicago Wilderness, Summer 1999)

Insects Solve One Mystery, Cause Another (Wild Ones, November/December 2002)

The Mountain Pika (Off Belay, February 1973)

The Lessons of the Bat (Defenders of Wildlife News, March 1972)

Exploring Wild Areas

A Botanist's Adventures in the Andes (University of Chicago Magazine, March/April 1973)

Adventures Afield (The Morton Arboretum Quarterly, Summer 1972)

Hot Muck & Cool Plants (The Harbinger, September 1995)

Exploring the Black Hills (The Earth Science News, September 1961)

British Columbia in 9 Days (The Earth Science News, December 1961)

British Colombia in 9 Days (The Earth Science News, January 1962)

Fox River Dells (Conservation Newsletter, Spring 1994)

The Driftless Area IL (The Harbinger, Spring 1991)

A Day in the Canyon (Outdoor Illinois, May 1966)

Another Ice Age on the Way? (Alaska, June 1970)

Alaska's Glacial Beauty (Sierra Club Bulletin, September 1967)

Klondike Fever 70 Years Too Late (Backpacker 3)


Twenty Years of CMC Memories (The Chicago Mountaineer, 1940-1980)

Mt. Kenya (The Chicago Mountaineer, Winter/Spring 1985)

Climbing Up & Over, Down Under (The Chicago Mountaineer, Fall/Winter 1981) 

To The Top of Mexico (CMC: The Newsletter, June 1974)

Don't Look Down (Outdoor Illinois, March 1970)

Hangnail On My Thumb (Climbing, May/June 1971)

The Mountains Sing Before Me (Climbing, November/December 1971)

San Juan: My Mountain (CMC: The Newsletter, September 1970)

I'm in Love With Tundra (Backpacker 15)

My Love Lies In The Mountains: Poem

Lichen Research

Lichen Mysteries Presentation

Lichen Mysteries Text & Notes

Bryophytes & Lichens

Lichens of the Morton Arboretum (The Morton Arboretum Quarterly, Summer 1977)

Lichens (The Morton Arboretum Quarterly, Summer 1977)

Bryophytes of the Morton Arboretum (The Morton Arboretum Quarterly, Summer 1983)

Bryophytes: Tiny Treasures (The Morton Arboretum Quarterly, Summer 1981)

Lichens (Off Belay, April 1974)

Bryophytes (Wildflower, Winter 1992)

Designing Our Dream House & Landscaping With Native Plants

Prairie By Design (Fine Gardening, May/June 1991)

Up On The Roof (Chicago Gardening, July/August 2008)

Prairie Islands in a Blue Grass Sea (Missouri Prairie Journal, June 1987)

Life at Prairie Sun (The Morton Arboretum Quarterly, Summer 1985)

Feasibility of Using Prairie Vegetation on a Sloped Roof with Four Inches of Soil (Erigenia, Winter 2009)

Survival of Plants on Sloped Roofs with Ten cm of Soil (Erigenia 25, Spring 2012)

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